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differentchild's Journal

The Different Child
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Different Children and how we can choose to love them.
The dictionary defines DIFFERENT as:

dif·fer·ent (dĭf'ər-ənt, dĭf'rənt)

1. Unlike in form, quality, amount, or nature; dissimilar: took different approaches to the problem.
2. Distinct or separate: That's a different issue altogether.
3. Various or assorted: interviewed different members of the community.
4. Differing from all others; unusual: a different point of view.

I define "different" as "exceptional to the normal". My child is "different" from normal children. He has "issues" in his behaviour and attitude that don't fit into the "normal".

I PRAISE his differences and APPRECIATE them. He's not "abnormal" because of it, he's EXCEPTIONAL. His brain works in ways that mine never could, and I am amazed by him on a daily basis.

Toby's been diagnosed as having ADHD and SPD. (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Sensory Processing Delay), ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) and Autism, and Bipolar Disorder.

His brain synapses don't function like like a "normal" seven year old. He makes connections slower and therefore his responses are more like a child two years younger. While this makes him "delayed" in the normal world, I also see him build things with his leggos that astound me and tell me things from his point of view that I would have never seen before.

The mind is a wonderful thing and we shouldn't call our children "delayed" and "abnormal" because of this, we should accept them and view their world with wonder and see just how exceptional these kids are, and can be in the future.

My daughter is above average intelligence and has tested out as a genius at age six. My biggest challenge is being able to create an environment where BOTH of my children flourish.

This group is for parents of children who are "different" and also for parents of kids who are normal, but have the mindset that different kids aren't so very different.

Membership is moderated, but once you are a member, you may post as often as you'd like.

A bit about me:

I am 28, and I live in the greater Seattle area. I have two children, Toby (7) and Chloe (6). By doctors standards, I have a developmentally delayed child and a genius child. I think I have two exceptional children, no tags involved.

I created this group as a support for families with children who are difficult, disabled and normal, gifted, etc. Join if you choose. :)


RULES: *Yes, there are some - but not many!* Subject to change as often as I want them to.

Everyone is welcome here. There are a few rules I'd like to have though.

Please no flaming. Debating is one thing and I, the Queen of Debate, will be sure to do it often. Debate all you want, but when you call someone a bitch because their opinion doesn't meet your own, then that's out of hand. You will get 1 (that's ONE) warning before I kick you from the group. Be happy about it.

Limit the spam. You can post one "spam" post a month. This might change, it might not. FWD's about children and behaviour and disorders are NOT spam and are welcome. FWD's about blonde jokes ARE spam. Once a month please.

Swearing is allowed in moderation. Moderation is when you are REALLY angry about something. Not every *bleeping* word! (I will edit your posts to say "bleep" or "explicative word choice here" if I feel it's too much.)

Be nice. We're all people. Share the love.

Realize that not everyone parents the same, that's what this group is about. We are all doing our best to produce happy healthy adults. Be kind to those less fortunate. (hehe - I've been playing World of Warcraft too much.)

Enjoy the group. We're here for support and opinions and KNOWLEDGE. Please post often and be happy. :)