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Ack Ack Ack

I'm a horrible community mother...

I've been slacking. I love this community, but at the same time, I've lost my mind with it because I so rarely update.


Anyone want to take it over?

New Member!

Welcome to the newest member difkalways!!

Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us about you. :) (Though I think there's only me and one other person in the comm who hasn't posted yet, but still....feel free! It'll be nice to know my posts aren't just talking to myself. LOL!)



Intro of the moderator. :)

Hi! *waves* I'm Beka. I'm in my mid 20's and I am a parent of two children.

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Chloe (aka River)Read moreCollapse )

I'm a single mom living with a roommate 2500 miles away from all my family, which are in Ohio. (I'm in Seattle. :))

My son is pegged as being developmentally delayed, ADHD and SPD. My daughter is 'normal to above average'. We are camera happy people and love life. :)

My son goes to special needs school to give him the tools to help him succeed. I have been through parenting classes and programs and have learned a lot, mostly within the past year. I've dealt with the kids dad being in and out of their lives and how that affects my children. I have learned that life can be a HUGE challenge, but you can overcome just about anything. I am happy, I am loved, I - and my children - are extraordinary. (Go me and my pep talks).

I'm also sarcastic, bitchy, loving and frustrated a lot. I love my life, I hate my life. Positive talk only gets you so far before you have to call someone to keep from running away from everything. I've been there. I get it.

We are pretty happy right now though. We're a family and we overcome hurdles on a daily basis. I try to help out other parents with my experiences and listen to parents who have been through more than I have (bless them). I have learned that with knowledge, parenting can be easier, and with a support group, it can even be fun.

I hope everyone who comes to this group enjoys it and I hope we can get enough members that it makes it special. It's for all ages, parents and people, adults who have had problems in their lives too and have something to contribute.

That's the moderator. I'm not afraid of questions either, so ask away if you have any!!



Please read the community info to realize what this community is about. I'll make it basic for you. We're about parenting, and how not all kids fall into that 'normal' spectrum that society loves to shove our children into. It's about how different kids can be normal too and how we as parents can work to achieve what we want to with our children.

Everyone is welcome here. There are a few rules I'd like to have though.

Please no flaming. Debating is one thing and I, the Queen of Debate, will be sure to do it often. Debate all you want, but when you call someone a bitch because their opinion doesn't meet your own, then that's out of hand. You will get 1 (that's ONE) warning before I kick you from the group. Be happy about it.

Limit the spam. You can post one "spam" post a month. This might change, it might not. FWD's about children and behaviour and disorders are NOT spam and are welcome. FWD's about blonde jokes ARE spam. Once a month please.

Swearing is allowed in moderation. Moderation is when you are REALLY angry about something. Not every *bleeping* word!

Be nice. We're all people. Share the love.

Realize that not everyone parents the same, that's what this group is about. We are all doing our best to produce happy healthy adults. Be kind to those less fortunate. (hehe - I've been playing WoW too much.)

Enjoy the group. We're here for support and opinions and KNOWLEDGE. Please post often and be happy. :)



edited for spelling mistakes.


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